Create a Strong Reputation 
with Media Training 

A 3E PR webinar offers insight on how spokespeople can best convey your brand via the media in uncertain times, such as those we are all experiencing in 2020.

When world events turn things upside down, how businesses respond can make all the difference in terms of future success and profitability. While uncertain times are part of any business cycle, we are in the most turbulent period in a generation. From global pandemics and economic instability, to political turmoil and social unrest, your business is more likely to survive if you have a sound marketing strategy. 

Patrick Brightman, President, and Amy Stern, Senior Vice President, of 3E Public Relations offered insights for sound marketing and resiliency during a recent webinar. Sharing valuable information gleaned from decades of experience, they offer examples of recent case studies and best practices, along with advice that can be implemented immediately.

As public relations experts and marketing consultants that represent clients across a diverse group of industries, Patrick and Amy shared key learnings that included: 

  • Why timing is everything
  • The power of content in a crisis
  • Making media relations count
  • Realistic expectations for social media
  • Managing internal stake holders 

Keep your message top of mind, in good times and bad, with these tips from our pros.

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